About Us

Our Sister Femdoms

Domaine la Fignonne
Founded February 2009
Maîtresse Mignonne Mureaux
Maîtresse LaFemme Meredith

A small but magnificent FemDom where a home is provided for anyone with an interest in BDSM dominated by Ladies. There are are different theme area's where you can chat, explore and make your kinky dreams and fantasies come true. Visit us at our new island and enjoy the comfortable, cozy and elegant atmosphere.


Future Femdom
Founded June 2008
by Boot Goddess Gina aka Ginette Pinazzo

This is a city founded on the living principles of Societal Femdom, where all men are bred as slaves for the pleasure and amusement of the entire Matriarchy. To evolve humanity and save the future, all of Woman must come together to work, play, love and live. The part that man plays is that of worshiper. Men are bred here to worship All Woman.


House of X
Founded Spring 2006
by MsX Shackles

House of X was one of the first, if not the very first Femdom in Second Life.  MsX is semi-retired from Femdom but keeps a lovely garden for hanging out in a Femdom themed area.  Many of Femdom old-timers in SL have fond memories of "growing up" in the House of X and the spirit of the place lives on in this quiet little corner garden.


The Mistresses
Founded July 2008
Madame Lizbeth Nimbus

The Mistresses is a high quality Femdom house, the Femdom sim in Second Life that provides a place for Female Dominants and male only submissives to play. We have a number of Mistresses with years of Real Life experience, who are willing to help those that need it.


The Shrine
Founded 2012
Angeni Loorden (Angi Barbasz)

 The Shrine is a sumptuously-designed, exclusive upscale venue where shared values, expectations, and empowering experiences come together in veneration of the female as a figure of inherent power and dominance.  We enthusiastically invite all like-minded couples and individuals to share in our quest for ever-greater self-discovery, empowerment, and meaning.


The Velvet Crossing
Reborn June 2009 as The Velvet Crossing
Chantall Congrejo
Founded January 2008 as The Velvet Attic

Do you enjoy crossdressing the man in your second life? Aggressively Femme sim. Adult play area and hang out. Females are completely in charge. Forced feminization, foot fetish, cross dressing and sissification in a Femdom setting.


The Velvet Thorn
Founded January 2008
by StarSong Bright

The Velvet Thorn Femdom is a real community where we don't take ourselves too seriously. VT is a lighthearted place for people with similar Domme/submissive (D/s) FemDom interests come to relax, some to disassociate from RL and for others to supplement it. We are a diverse group of individuals from all over the world seeking a safe nonjudgmental place to explore ourselves and others, learn more about D/s, FemDom and sexuality (virtual and real). We pride ourselves on the easygoing nature of the sim and the people who call it home and we invite you to join us! Try and forget your problems, leave your troubles and inhibitions behind and relax and enjoy the VT in the spirit it was created.


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Old History

The Rising Phoenix ( 2007-2011 )

It is with great regret that we say goodbye to our sister sim Rising Phoenix.  The sim has closed due to RL health issues of the owner.  Phoenixx your femdom will be missed and we hope that one day you may return it from the ashes!

The current member femdoms of our group are all originally owners from the Femdom Network.  There was an acrimonious split whereby one of the original founders has decided to go her own way (taking the network name with her).  We are a strong community and will continue on with our mission and doing our best to avoid further drama.  That said, the members of the Femdom Community in SL are no longer associated with the "new" Femdom Network.  This notice is only here for the purposes of clarification for anybody who is curious about the changes.

An Open Letter from the Owners of The Original Femdom Network