Sunday, 23 June 2013

Second Life is TEN YEARS OLD!!!! Celebrate with us!

Due to Linden Lab's Birthday SL10B event being "PG Only" the Freedom Continent set up SLB10A (for adult) which runs from 21-26 June.  To make sure Femdom is represented The Femdom Community in SL -  FCinSL snapped up a corner to set up exhibits.  FCinSL Femdoms participating in the birthday celebration are The Mistresses, The Velvet Crossing, and The Velvet Thorn.   One of our sister sims -  The Queendom of Bouddicea has also joined us in the Femdom corner.

Click here to visit us during the event!

Domaine La Fignonne is currently in hiatus, but if you would like to see what owner LaFemme Merideth is up to be sure to check out her exhibit for her store Design with a Heart next to the Velvet Crossing and Anda's Pink Panda.

Black Velvet Animations has set up a nice store next to The Mistresses exhibit if you are looking for some good "femdom specific" animations.

There are a total of 49 exhibitors in the sim of all types from content creators to clubs so have a good look around while you are here!

But it is NOT just Femdom in this sim.  There are 49 parcels full of adult content creators, club venues, and all sorts of interesting things to see.  So be sure to wander the sim and do some sight seeing!

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