Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Wheel of Fortune - Reverse Auction


Thanks to all the participants we raised over 41k on this event alone!  WOOT!!!!!

Something fun and new - join us!

Submissives bid on the bid boards HERE to be put on one of the 12 available spots.

Bidding for entry to the wheel spins ends

Then  NOON SLT ON SUNDAY 3 APRIL the fun begins immediately as the winners  are matched to the colors on THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE.  Then Female Dominants may take their turns at the wheel from NOON TO 2:00 PM.

They win an hour of service from the submissive on the color they land on.

Multiple winners are allowed in both parts.

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By bidding you agree to one hour of service (within in your limits) to the winning Domme(s).  The minimum bid to get yourself on a board is 1000 Lindens.  It is an auction in that you can be outbid for your place on any of the boards.  There are 12 boards, that correspond to the colors on the Wheel of Fortune.  Subs are allowed to win more than one color board if they choose, but must accept that this could increase their service to the winning ladies by a lot!

The wheel is not fixed, so it is possible for the ladies to win the same sub more than once.  The ladies will pay 500 lindens per spin and may spin multiple times if they choose.

Subs, if collared, must have the permission of their mistress.

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Each spin will be 500 Lindens and you may spin more than once during the open wheel.  You will receive a token with your winning color which is your "proof of service" and is good for one hour of service by the submissive who won that color on the color boards auction.

This fundraiser is all in good fun and intended to be an interesting way to allow chance to throw you together with someone you may or may not know.  

Ladies are allowed to trade their tokens with others, but please DO keep the submissive's feelings in mind when doing so.  We want everyone to have fun.

Please respect the limits and personality of the submissive(s) for their service.

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