Thursday, 15 September 2011

Discrimination in Second Life? The Femdom 'Brand'

- by Ginette Pinazzo

I remember after ZEXPO 2010 concluded in April of 2010, there was a campaign by a certain disgruntled party to discredit the event as being too 'femdom' . Besides the fact the originator of this campaign had a precedent for smear tactics, the accusation was entirely ludicrous as that exhibition (ZEXPO 2010) featured well over 100 vendors and only TWO of them were 'femdom' places. Both places were well established on the adult continent of Zindra and have every right to be at the show.

Over the course of the following year, I noticed other examples of this phenomenon: a bizarre alarmist call to 'stop femdom' from taking over. In each case, I'd laugh to myself, because such behaviors only illustrated the continuing tradition of patriarchal manipulation, designed to shut down any and all examples of female empowerment. Even in the often enlightened virtual world of Second Life, does this form of discrimination perpetuate?

If you peruse the lands of SL, notably in the 'Adult' worlds such as BDSM regions or 'kink' lifestyles, you will find unending images of Sisters being tied, restrained, gagged or worse. Yet these behaviors are not labeled or categorized; they seem to be accepted as standard. Try to find places that use the term 'maledom' in their names or descriptions: not too common. This is because the pervasive world of 'maledom' is so accepted by cultures that they don't need the term. Yet if Sisters come together and create a 'femdom' organisation, they are seen as an exceptional threat.

Like the term 'femdom' or not (I don't love it), it's use is an effective way to unite groups and form a cultural understanding. The truth is, matriarchal interests are high in Second Life, and get higher every year. There are many reasons for this, including the impact of technology that allows Sisters to connect, unify and 'play together' as never before. Historical barriers to Sisterhood as the patriarchy has used them, become less effective every year with the advent of virtual worlds like SL. Yet the last gasps of a patriarchy still trying to shut down the natural evolution of women are still evident: these alarmists lash out out any examples of matriarchal growth.

It is a form of discrimination when countless examples of 'maledom' behavior are exhibited and never contested. Yet I see them. Many of my Sisters do. It's revolting to us, that this is accepted without question as average bdsm fare, yet the second a Sister stands up and engages in the same behavior with gender roles reversed, outcries of the 'femdom threat' are heard. I do feel these protest are a joke, as the Sisterhood gets better connected and more pervasive every year. Yet we are not out to conquer the universe, as these manipulators would have you believe. We are simply spreading love and peace, one act of empowerment at a time.

Another truth is: matriarchal movements in Second Life are organised. It's not just the use of the term 'femdom', but its the entire unification of causes. While femdom places in SL are very different, we highlight our commonalities best. We tend to cooperate, run large events, work with charities, bring people together. These behaviors mesh beautifully with the benefits of a virtual world. In short, matriarchal principles are a natural fit with an environment like SL. It is completely understandable that femdom would survive and thrive in SL.

Does the discrimination against femdom pose any real concern in Second Life? At this point, I'd call it a minor nuisance, a species doomed to extinction, but one that must still be monitored. Perhaps not normally dangerous anymore, but still a potential obstacle to progress if ignored. There a few old-fashioned mentalities walking around that still bear reformation. It's still a uphill challenge, to elevate matriarchal principles into the mainstream and to the 'standard' of acceptability that maledom behaviors have claimed for centuries.

The next time you hear someone complain about the pervasiveness of femdom cultures, realize it for the discriminatory sentiment it is. Just because Sisters decided to organise, does not mean we are any less entitled to gaining acceptability.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Fundraiser for the Red Cross Disaster Relief for Japan

It has been a truly extraordinary week - As of 4:00 pm slt 3 April we of the Femdom Community in SL have raised.....   DRUMROLL PLEASE


Speaking for all the sim owners of the FCinSL, I just want to thank everyone who dug deep and helped us to raise  over 950 USD for the Red Cross' work in Japan!  I don't know about you all but I have an incredible feeling of accomplishment!  Together we are strong and this is a wonderful way to show Linden Lab that the kinkier bits of Second Life are POWERFUL AND INTERESTED!!!


THE YARD SALE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT TODAY (3 APRIL or as soon as we get around there and pick it all up lol) so do have a last look around - there are lots of great things still to be had.  There are also donation jars near the TP spot in the event sim.  If there is stuff there for sale from Treasurer Charisma then its NOT too late to buy!  Hurry Hurry Hurry!

I got lots of pictures of the events which can be seen to and added to here:

Wheel of Fortune in progress!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Wheel of Fortune - Reverse Auction


Thanks to all the participants we raised over 41k on this event alone!  WOOT!!!!!

Something fun and new - join us!

Submissives bid on the bid boards HERE to be put on one of the 12 available spots.

Bidding for entry to the wheel spins ends

Then  NOON SLT ON SUNDAY 3 APRIL the fun begins immediately as the winners  are matched to the colors on THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE.  Then Female Dominants may take their turns at the wheel from NOON TO 2:00 PM.

They win an hour of service from the submissive on the color they land on.

Multiple winners are allowed in both parts.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


By bidding you agree to one hour of service (within in your limits) to the winning Domme(s).  The minimum bid to get yourself on a board is 1000 Lindens.  It is an auction in that you can be outbid for your place on any of the boards.  There are 12 boards, that correspond to the colors on the Wheel of Fortune.  Subs are allowed to win more than one color board if they choose, but must accept that this could increase their service to the winning ladies by a lot!

The wheel is not fixed, so it is possible for the ladies to win the same sub more than once.  The ladies will pay 500 lindens per spin and may spin multiple times if they choose.

Subs, if collared, must have the permission of their mistress.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Each spin will be 500 Lindens and you may spin more than once during the open wheel.  You will receive a token with your winning color which is your "proof of service" and is good for one hour of service by the submissive who won that color on the color boards auction.

This fundraiser is all in good fun and intended to be an interesting way to allow chance to throw you together with someone you may or may not know.  

Ladies are allowed to trade their tokens with others, but please DO keep the submissive's feelings in mind when doing so.  We want everyone to have fun.

Please respect the limits and personality of the submissive(s) for their service.

April Fools Day Party - Noon to Midnight on April First

Party in the Yard Sale Sim

Join us in the FCinSL Disaster Relief fundraiser sim on
Wednesday 30 March - 11am-3pm
for this "asian themed" dance party.  Tell your friends about the yard sale, it ends Sunday and we are doing our best to get folks in and looking over the donated items to help raise funds.  There are donation jars as well.  All proceeds will turned over to Donation Linden as part of the great SL fundraising activities to help the victims of the earthquake in Japan.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Femdom Community Presents Yard Sale To Help Japan

The Femdom Community in SL would like to invite everyone to participate! 100% of proceeds will be given over to Donation Linden as part of the greater fund raising activities for The Red Cross to help the Japanese disaster relief effort.

Teleport to the Tsunami / Earthquake Relief Yard Sale Now

This wonderful Yard Sale runs from March 19 - April 3

We are still accepting donations - but hurry hurry, time is short!!!!

Donations should go to our FCinSL accounting alt - Treasurer Charisma.

We have events planned in the sim as well!

•  Wednesday 30 March, we will have an Asian Themed party from 11am - 3pm SLT with DJ Mars.

•  Friday 1 April we will party all day long (stay tuned for more details!).

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Femdom Hunt 2011

Members of the Femdom Community in SL are happy to be involved in this exciting, new event....

(from the desk of Vila Pixelmaid)...

The Femdom Hunt runs from April 15th to April 30th, inclusive. The hunt is an adult-themed hunt which, as the name implies, is aimed at the Second Life’s Femdom community.

This is a circular hunt. The start location is any location in the hunt (see the blog for the location list).

The hunt is organised by Vila Pixelmaid, Zardia Avindar and Antony Fairport.

There is a blog for the hunt:

Hunt Guidelines

Welcome to The Femdom Hunt. We’re glad you’ve decided to join us. The following are a few guidelines that you might find useful when on the hunt.

* There is a 30 meter rule in operation for this hunt. The hunt item should always be within 30 meters of the hunt sign or the end of the path.

* Please allow for change. Second Life can be a dynamic place and, with around 70 locations in the hunt, some will be down, some will move, one or two, during the two weeks of the hunt, might even disappear. Be patient, use the hunt group and, most of all, always check with the hunt blog. The latest information will always be available via there.

* If you get stuck, use the hunt group. We encourage the use of group chat to ask for, and offer, help. However, as you’ll see in the rules below, please do not give out exact item locations. We do love to hear about the gifts you love so feel free to tell us in group chat.

* When you TP to a new location, please try and step off the landing point while you wait for things to rez.

* Mixed in with the store list are many of Second Life’s Femdom sims. Please keep in mind that most of these will have rules regarding visitors. We ask that you take a moment to grab and read those rules. We also ask that if a representative of any of those sims asks you to observe the rules, you do so. If this is a problem please consult the location list on the blog and skip to the next location (the hunt is designed so that the next location will always be a store).

Hunt Rules

The following are the rules of the hunt. We must insist that all hunters observe these rules. Ignoring these rules will result in an ejection from the hunt group and could even result in banning for one or more participating stores and Femdom sims.

1. No abuse. It’s that simple. No abuse of the vendors and sim owners. No abuse of your fellow hunters. No abuse of the hunt organisers. Abuse will not be tolerated.

2. Do not give out the location of the hunt item. By all means give your fellow hunters hints, but giving the exact location in group or public chat will likely result in very annoyed location owners.

3. Do not litter. If you open a gift at a location pick up your prims before you leave.

4. Do not contact the vendors to whine. Play nice. Remember they have worked hard to make a gift available to you. If there is a problem with the hunt at a given location, please contact Antony, Zardia or any other available hunt official.

5. Do not publicly criticise the gifts. If a gift is not to your taste, just delete it. If you wanted the red transparent latex catsuit instead of the blue one, buy it.

6. Have fun!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

International Womens Day in Second Life: Mardis Gras Photos

Some fantastic images from the recent Mardis Gras party produced by Femdom Community in SL for International Womens' Day 2011. The event was wild and colourful! All proceeds benefitted Pro Mujer

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Teleport there Now

The Femdom Community in SL is celebrating International Womens Day by honoring all great women in history and showing some special tributes to many of them
The Event will take place over the weekend of Sat 5th and Sunday 6th March 2011.
Some of the planned events are listed below:-

Discussion and lecture:
There will be a lecture and discussion on Sissyfication.
(please attend even if you are not Sissy, its important to learn all aspects of all our fetishes)

Auction :
We will Auction the best submissives and sissies from all the participating Femdoms.
If you wish to volunteer then get your info notecard from the signs which are in our Femdom sims and drop it in the mail box when you have completed it.

Fun Fair:

As always at our events we will have wonderful
Fun Fair for your enjoyment.

Mardi Gras:
Our overall theme for the dances this great event will be a big Mardi Gras party with several of our DJ's giving of their time once more.
Dress for a sunny party in Mardi Gras style and don't be afraid to show the most daring and outrageous of costumes we will be on an adult sim.

There will also be many raffles and other events as the weekend unfolds so pass the word along to your friends to come join our FCSL group and have a great weekend with us.

Time Table for 5 March

11 - 12 Chantall will hold a lecture ?What is sissyfication?
12 - 2 pm Slave Auction
2-4 Mardi Gras Party with DJ boy Decuir
4-6 Mardi Gras Party with DJ Boldo
6-8 Mardi Gras Party with TC SHORT.


The Femdom Community in SL members:
The Mistresses
Domaine La Fignonne
Beaumont Hot House
Velvet Thorn
Velvet Crossing
The House of X
The Rising Pheonix
Future Femdom