Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Halloween Hunt is Here!


The Femdom Community in SL group is holding a nine femdom treasure hunt. The hud you receive when you visit any of the participating femdom sims is required if you would like to have yourself entered into the grand prize drawings that will happen during our Halloween events all day on 30 October. Each Femdom has hidden ten pumpkins, find all 10 in each and be entered automatically (by the hud) into the drawings for additional prizes and cash. Hunt all the Femdoms and get NINE entries into the final drawings!

Good luck and happy hunting!

In order to be entered in the grand prize drawings you need to be wearing the hud while you are hunting so that each find is registered. Once you have found all 10 pumpkins in a femdom you will be entered automatically in the grand prize drawings which will include Linden cash prizes as well as some great goodies! You can still find the items without the hud, but then no extra chances for prizes.

You can click the button for each sim and get the SLURL for each femdom, just click the link in your communicate window to TP there. It also tells you how many of the pumpkins you have found for that sim and how many to go - so you don't have to keep track by hand.

If you accidentally click a pumpkin without the hud on, just wear it and click the pumpkin again to make it register.

The hud minimizes out of the way by clicking the top bar.

The hud will continue to work for navigating around the femdoms after the hunt is over but will no longer display hunt information.

Beaumont Hot House
Domaine La Fignonne
Future Femdom
The House of X
The Mistresses
Queen's Heaven
Rising Phoenix
Velvet Crossing
Velvet Thorn

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