Saturday, 24 July 2010


Our Event Sim for International Femdom Day:

We have gotten donations from over 30 merchants - everything from gift certificates to 15,000 Linden Bondage furniture suites.  Ticket prices range from 15-250 Lindens to give everybody lots of chances to win, so buy your tickets early and often!!!!  100% of proceeds to  At the last Femdom event we raised enough to help FIVE women to begin their own businesses and begin to lift themselves and their families our of poverty through the ProMujer micro-loan programs.

You can find the raffle items on the gray X shaped boards on either side of the greenhouse.  Just pay the box the amount shown and that enters you to win.  You can pay more times for more chances to win!

On no transfer items, the winner will receive a token which can be redeemed with the merchant donating the item.

The raffle ends at roughly NOON SLT Sunday, 25 July
 (individual raffle closing times shown on the raffle boxes)

Here are some of the highlights:

  • The original 14 piece bondage furniture suite from Dictatorshop (2x)
  • The new "modern" 6 piece bondage furniture suite from Dictatorshop (3x)
  • The FantaSex Collection from Primal Dreams - which includes all the poses in a hud, a bed base and also a nice pillow lounging bed! (2x)
  • The Gothic Curtain bed from Black Velvet Animations
  • The Swing from Black Velvet Animations
  • The "one of everything in the store" by Z&A

A variety of cool items from:

  • AlphaMale
  • ALvatars
  • AtaMe
  • Dark Elf Manufacture
  • Doll Life
  • Femme Fatale
  • House of Rfrye
  • KDC
  • Legend
  • Liam's Homes
  • MagicAnimations
  • MoveMe Dance Hud
  • Restrained Freedom
  • Rubber Kittens
  • SF Design
  • The Ancient Tree
  • The Golden Thorn
  • Thinkink

Gift Certificates from:

  • Bound Leather
  • JoyWear
  • LeatherBound
  • LustBaby
  • MaxEyes
  • Mech
  • Sweet Torments

The Femdom Community in SL group extends a warm thank you to these generous merchants who are helping to support our cause.

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