Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Intl Femdom Day ...in SL and beyond

In the world of Second Life, femdom organisations from all over are gathering to host an incredible 3 day event we simply call International Femdom day in SL. The virtual world of Second Life is a perfect place for many to gather from all over the world and celebrate. As plans unfold, I am also happy to report that a growing list of city-specific events is evolving. To learn more, go to FaceBook (search under the name Fem Dom for general IFD events and search under the name Ginette Pinazzo for details about the Second Life version of this historic day). We will try to provide updated information when possible, to show the true scope of this incredible happening and movement.

IFD LOCATIONS SO FAR (that we know about!)


St. Louis
San Francisco
New York City

UK England

London (Hyde Park)


Region Asti


Enter Second Life and join the group Femdom Community in SL...details to come!

Saturday, 26 June 2010




The date July 24th was chosen as the date for International Femdom Day as a day for celebrating dominant women – 7/24 - seven days a week and 24 hours a day. There are real life celebrations going on from St. Louis and New York to Berlin and beyond. The Femdom Community in SL group is bringing the whole event virtual for those who do not have the opportunity for a RL venue.

We will be hosting a wide variety of events, workshops and exhibitions on a dedicated sim from Friday 23 July through Sunday 25 July. Further details will become available on our website as they are finalized: http://femdomcommunityinsl.blogspot.com


In honor of celebrating women we will be raising funds for Pro Mujer ( http://www.promujer.org ) as we have done for our previous group events. We have chosen Pro Mujer because they are not a simple charity; they empower women by offering education, healthcare and micro-loan programs. Pro Mujer encourages women to develop their full potential, claim their basic human rights, and access services and resources in their communities. If you are not familiar with this wonderful organization we encourage you to have a look at their website and learn more.


The Femdom Community in SL group (formerly The Femdom Network) is a coalition of femdom owners who strive to bring the very best of SL Femdom to everyone. We work together to strengthen the community and encourage people to explore the fascinating world of virtual femdom and sexuality. Our group consists of the following femdom communities:

Domaine la Fignonne
Founded February 2009 - Mignonne Mureaux & LaFemme Meredith

Future Femdom
Founded June 2008 - Ginette Pinazzo

The Mistresses
Founded July 2008 - Lizbeth Nimbus

The Rising Phoenix
Founded September 2007 - Pheonixx Fulham & Silence Laryukov

The Velvet Crossing
Reborn June 2009 as The Velvet Crossing - Chantall Congrejo
Founded January 2008 as The Velvet Attic

The Velvet Thorn
Founded January 2008 - StarSong Bright

Femdom owners in the group with "Emeritus" status

• MsX Shackle - who founded the House of X, the oldest and most respected of Second Life's femdoms. Ms. Shackle is semi-retired but you never know when she will rise again.

• Delores Beaumont - who co-founded Red's Hot House, and has gone on to create awesome femdom with The Verandah and Beaumont Estates. We expect to see something fresh and interesting this fall from Ms. Beaumont, stay tuned!


Group: Femdom Community in SL
Contact List:

Event Coordinator/Venue Designer – StarSong Bright
Staff & Vendor Coordinator: Lizbeth Nimbus
Media Coordinators - Ginette Pinazzo
Info/Exhibit Coordinators - Mignonne Mureaux & LaFemme Meredith
Outside Donations: Delores Beaumont

Join the “Femdom Community in SL” Group in Second Life to receive updates and info across our member sims or visit our website at http://femdomcommunityinsl.blogspot.com

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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Welcome Back - Future Femdom and The Velvet Crossing!

There has been a bit of confusion over the changes being made in the previous Femdom Network. The original Femdom Network members have  become The Femdom Community in SL and we aren’t looking back! We are strongly focused on continuing to bring you the best femdom experiences in all of Second Life! To this end, we would like to welcome Future Femdom and The Velvet Crossing back into the fold.

Our Sister Femdoms

Domaine la Fignonne
Founded February 2009
Maîtresse Mignonne Mureaux
Maîtresse LaFemme Meredith

A small but magnificent FemDom where a home is provided for anyone with an interest in BDSM dominated by Ladies. There are are different theme area's where you can chat, explore and make your kinky dreams and fantasies come true. Visit us at our new island and enjoy the comfortable, cozy and elegant atmosphere

Future Femdom
Founded June 2008
by Boot Goddess Gina aka Ginette Pinazzo

This is a city founded on the living principles of Societal Femdom, where all men are bred as slaves for the pleasure and amusement of the entire Matriarchy. To evolve humanity and save the future, all of Woman must come together to work, play, love and live. The part that man plays is that of worshiper. Men are bred here to worship All Woman.

The Mistresses
Founded July 2008
Madame Lizbeth Nimbus

The Mistresses is a high quality FemDom house that provides a place for Female Dominants and male only submissives. Come and visit our beautiful Moroccan style Castle and meet some of our Real Life Dominants.

The Rising Phoenix
Founded September 2007
Pheonixx Fulham
Silence Laryukov

The Rising Phoenix is a Femdom sim where Mistresses and Submissives can come relax and enjoy time away from their real life and it's stresses. We pride ourselves on our warm and welcoming nature, whether you are a beginner or a veteran to the world of D/s and or Second Life.

The Velvet Crossing
Reborn June 2009 as The Velvet Crossing
Chantall Congrejo
Founded January 2008 as The Velvet Attic

Do you enjoy crossdressing the man in your second life? Aggressively Femme sim. Adult play area and hang out. Females are completely in charge. Forced feminization, foot fetish, cross dressing and sissification in a Femdom setting.

The Velvet Thorn
Founded January 2008
by StarSong Bright

The Velvet Thorn Femdom is a real community where we don't take ourselves too seriously. VT is a lighthearted place for people with similar Domme/submissive (D/s) FemDom interests come to relax, some to disassociate from RL and for others to supplement it. We are a diverse group of individuals from all over the world seeking a safe nonjudgmental place to explore ourselves and others, learn more about D/s, FemDom and sexuality (virtual and real). We pride ourselves on the easygoing nature of the sim and the people who call it home and we invite you to join us! Try and forget your problems, leave your troubles and inhibitions behind and relax and enjoy the VT in the spirit it was created.

Femdom owners in the group with "Emeritus" status

MsX Shackle - who founded the House of X, the oldest and most respected of Second Life's femdoms. Ms. Shackle is semi-retired but you never know when she will rise again.

Delores Beaumont - who co-founded Red's Hot House, and has gone on to create awesome femdom with The Verandah and Beaumont Estates. We expect to see something fresh and interesting this fall from Ms. Beaumont, stay tuned!

Join the Femdom Community in SL Group to receive updates and info across our member sims.

Watch this space for great things to come!

Logo Contest Starts Now!!!

As our first activity we are inviting the community  to submit new logo designs reflecting the nature of the group:

Femdom Community in SL

Contest ends 9 July @ NOON SLT

First Prize: L$ 5000 - and there will be additional prizes for honorable mentions

Entries should be submitted DIRECTLY to  LaFemme Meredith in world
  • full perm texture (so that we are able to display them properly for judging)
  • 1024 x 1024 in size   

  • Give a sense of the Femdom Community in SL.
  • Create a recognizable symbol to represent the Femdom Community in SL group.
  • The logo will need to be used for event posters, info signs, web banners, and so on, so flexibility is key.
  • Be able to be resized from large to quite small without too much distortion. So not *too fussy* or overly detailed.
  • It IS acceptable to submit a full fledged logo and a simpler/smaller but easily recognizable version.  This is NOT required but can be considered.

Good luck to all!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

An Open Letter from the Owners of The Original Femdom Network

We are very sad and disappointed to learn of Eva and The Dominion’s departure from our community.  We regret that this has been an acrimonious parting for one of the founding members of the Network.  Nonetheless, we feel the need to address Eva’s blog posting at http://dominionfemdom.blogspot.com/2010/06/new-femdom-network.html in which she explains she left the Network because we did not issue a Network-wide ban of someone at her request.

A Network-wide ban is a very serious measure, one for which there is no appeal.  Such a decision risks seriously testing the solidarity of our community because, inevitably, some of our members will be compelled to discipline individuals who may not have done them any harm nor done anything in their presence to merit punishment.  We fear that, because of Eva’s regular absences from our group meetings, including both the meeting in which the policy for Network-wide bans was approved and the meeting at which this specific case was discussed, she may have misunderstood the policy and decisions that the members of The Femdom Network agreed to at those meetings.

We are a community of strong, self-sufficient and opinionated women, and the nature of our activities in SL means that strong emotions are often near the surface.  Our Network is held together by communication and mutual respect, not by obedience to the demands of a single individual.  It was our decision that Network-wide bans would be considered only in the most egregious cases of abuse -- such as credible threats against someone in RL -- and be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  It is not something we do often or lightly, and never without collective discussion.  We did, in fact, unanimously ban someone at Eva's request for exactly these sorts of very serious reasons.  In this more recent incident, however, it was decided, also unanimously and regrettably in Eva's absence, that the particular individual who had so perturbed her had not acted in a manner that met the standard for such severe punishment.

Nonetheless, the Network members jointly issued a formal warning letter to this individual requesting that he stay well away from Eva and refrain from going to the Dominion as himself or alts.  We also informed him that we would closely watch his behavior and that any future infractions would see him banned across all of our sister sims.  This was two weeks before Eva departed the Network, and as she notes in her blog post, she has not had any further problem with this person.

Subsequently, in an unrelated incident, one of our Network members reported that an individual had threatened the life of one of her members.  This case closely fit the kind of behavior for which we instituted the ban policy, and we have accepted her report, issued a temporary ban, and will discuss the case in depth at our next meeting.  Unfortunately, it seems that Eva felt that she was being singled out by having her earlier request turned down.

Simply put, it is not enough to demand that someone be banned. If Eva had the impression that membership in our community meant we would ban anyone we were asked to, we regret that we must inform her that this was simply never the case.

A successful sisterhood runs on open discussion and open decision-making processes.  These are among our core values, and we would have been happy to discuss the matter with Eva and give her a chance to convince us of her cause.  We are very disappointed that not only did she not attend the meeting to explain her request, she has responded to the decision by not speaking to any of us -- as individuals or as a group -- to resolve the matter.  Instead, she altered the permissions of the Femdom group (which was created to allow all of the femdoms to advertise their events), the Fetlife.com group, and the Femdom Network Blog on Blogspot. The only notice any of us received of her attitude was a message -- sent out to Dominion members -- that she had decided to leave the Femdom Network.  And yet, for all her actions and public denouncement of the Femdom Network, she has not removed herself as an owner of the Femdom Network group, and in fact has indicated that she will not do so.

The Femdom Network was created to bring sim owners together and to empower us all by joining forces.  It was never our intent that this would allow any of us to bully others or our expectation that such a division and public display of such would arise from the group we worked so hard to establish and nurture.

We have taken the opportunity created by this unfortunate situation to reflect on our core ideals, which are founded on open communication, respect and democracy.  We are more than a network; we are a community, with rich relationships, caring sisters, and commitment to the enhancement of the femdom lifestyle.  We have chosen a new name, Femdom Community of SL, which better reflects the harmonious nature of our union of femdom leaders and is inclusive of the many individuals who participate in the broader femdom world in SL.

We wish, despite our disappointment, the best for Eva and her Femdom Network.

Founders of the "Femdom Community in SL"
formerly "The Femdom Network"



Nous sommes très desolé au départ d'Eva et de La Dominion de notre
communauté.  Nous regrettons que ce départ d'une des membres
fondatrices du Réseau soit si âcre.  Néanmoins, nous nous sentons
obligées d'addresser l'article qu'Eva a diffusé par son blog
( http://dominionfemdom.blogspot.com/2010/06/new-femdom-network.html ),
dans lequel elle précise que son départ est dû à notre hésitation à
prohiber l'entré, dans tout le réseau, d'un individu qu'elle voulais

Interdire tout accès aux sims du réseau est une punition très
serieuse, duquel il n'y a aucun recours.  Une telle decision met à
l'epreuve notre solidarité communautaire parce que, inévitablement,
certaines de nos membres seront obligées de punir des individus qui
n'ont jamais fait des infractions contre elles.  A cause de son
absence regulière de nos séances communes, y compris celle ou nous
avons introduit notre politique en matiere d'interdictions des
individus et celle ou l'on a discuté l'interdiction demandée par Eva,
nous supposons qu'elle a peut-etre mal compris la politique et les
decisions prises par les membres du Réseau.

Nous sommes des femmes autonomes et opiniâtres, et la nature même des
nos activités en SL implique souvent des emotions fortes.  Notre
association a pour fondation la communication ouverte et le respect
mutuel, et non l'obeissance aux exigeances d'un individu seul.  Nous
nous sommes toutes mises d'accord qu'une interdiction sur tous les
sims membres ne serait imposée qu'au cas les plus sevères -- par
example, des menaces croyable en RL -- et ne serait imposée qu'après
un debat chez les members.  Ce n'est jamais quelque chose que nous
imposons  légèrement.  Nous avons, precedement, imposé par consensus
unanime une interdiction contre un usager qui a fait des menaces en
RL.  Mais à l'égard de cet incident plus recent, nous avons aussi
décidé, par consensus unanime mais sans la presence d'Eva, que cet
individu qui lui a tellement agacé ne s'est comporté de facon si grave
qu'on pourrait, en bonne foi, lui imposer une telle punition.

Nous avons quand même lui envoyé un lettre formel lui defendant de
s'appocher à Eva et de s'abstenir de la Dominion.  Nous lui avons
aussi avisé que toute nouvelle infraction lui verra interdit de tout
sim dans notre réseau.  Ces evenements se sont arrivé deux semaines
avant le départ d'Eva et, tout comme noté sur son blog, Eva n'a eu
aucun ennui avec cet individu depuis.

Plus recemment, et pas du tout lié aux faits precedents, une de nos
membres -- pas Eva -- nous a reporté qu'un individu a menacé la vie
d'une membre de sa communauté.  Ce cas-la est prototypique des cas
pour lesquels nous avons introduit cette politique d'interdiction.
Nous avons accepté son compte-rendu, imposé une interdiction
temporaire contre l'individu, et nous discuterons une interdiction
permanente à notre prochaine séance.  Malheureusement, Eva s'en est
senti personellement insulté parce que nous l'avons refusé quand elle
voulait imposer une interdiction, et nous l'avons accepté dans un
autre cas.

Tout court: il n'est pas assez de demander que l'on interdit
quelqu'un.  Si Eva croyait qu'etre membre de notre communauté implique
que nous bannissons n'importe qui parce que l'on nous le demande, nous
regrettons de lui informer que ce n'était jamais le cas.

Une communauté de consoeurs exige la discussion libre et des processus
de decision ouverts.  Ce sont parmi nos valeurs fondammentales. Nous
étions toutes prêtes à discuter ce sujet avec Eva et de lui donner
l'opportunité de nous convaincre de la justesse de sa cause.  Nous
sommes très deçues qu'elle non seulement s'est abstenue de la séance
ou l'on a discuté sa demande, mais aussi qu'elle a repondu sans même
communiquer avec aucun de nous -- ni comme individu ni en groupe --
pour trouver une solution.  Elle a plutot changé les permissions au
groupe Femdom (qui a été établi pour que nous puissions toutes
annoncer nos evenements), le groupe Fetlife.com, et le Femdom Network
Blog sur Blogspot.  Nous n'avons reçus aucun préavis jusqu'à ce
qu'elle a diffusé, au groupe Dominion, sa decision de partir du réseau
Femdom.  Par contre, elle n'a pas quitté son role de proprietaire du
groupe Femdom et nous indique elle ne le quittera pas.

Le Reseau Femdom a été créé afin de rassembler les proprietaires des
sims pour pouvoir nous soutenir les uns les autres.  Il n'était jamais
notre but qu'un membre pourrait s'imposer aux autres ni qu'une telle
division et querelle publique pourrait se produire au sein d'un groupe
pour lequel nous avons tous tellement travaillé.

En reponse à cette situation, nous reflechissions sur nos ideaux
fondammentaux, basés sur la communication ouverte, le respect et la
democratie.  Nous sommes plus qu'un réseau, nous sommes une
communauté, plein de connections fertiles, des consoeurs qui nous
soutiennent, et dedication aux principles du femdom.  Nous avons donc
choisi un nouveau nom: Femdom Community of SL.  Nous croyons que ce
nom mieux reflechi l'harmonie de notre union de chefs de femdoms et se
presente comme plus inclusif des autres individus qui participe au
femdom en SL.

Nous souhaitons, malgré notre déception, pour le mieux pour Eva et son
Femdom Network.